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MBE # 95‐395
WBE # 95‐002928

Sign Shop

We are the largest minority owned sign fabricating business in Maryland. We specialize in permanent and temporary traffic signage. All of our materials are approved on the Maryland State Qualified Products List (QPL) and our permanent signage is certified through the Maryland State Highway Administration. We design our traffic signs using the Maryland SHA Sign Standards Manual for use within Maryland state lines, but we can also produce designs that meet Federal designs as listed in the MUTCD. (Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices) For use out of state or in municipalities that follow those standards (i.e., Washington D.C). We take pride in the traffic products and services we provide to all our customers no matter how big or small.

In addition to the traffic signs, we also offer full color digitally printed custom signs. With hundreds of fonts and images to choose from, we can create, customize or reproduce any design to a sign, sticker, magnet, poster or even a banner.

Here are some ideas just to name a few.

  • Manage your fleet vehicles with ID numbers, DOT numbers, safety messages and warnings for various equipment, first aid and fire extinguisher labels, vehicle maintenance stickers or your own company logo in bold bright color.
  • Outfit your company offices and grounds with personalized, restricted or reserved parking signs, directional signs, exits and entrance, room labels, cautions and warnings, window stickers, mission statement, work quality, or safety related posters and banners. We can customize your work schedule white boards to your specifications and needs.
  • Surprise them at your next big event with your own personalized banner or poster. Retirement celebrations, company presentations, or special family occasions, whatever the event we can personalize each item from a variety of sources.
  • Make your kids room their very own with a personalized door sign. (Older ones prefer “DO NOT ENTER” and “Detour Arrows”=)).
  • We also offer a variety of state certified conspicuity and reflective marking tapes for greater visibility and safety.

Let us put your ideas or designs on display, for the world to see. We can work from photos, drawings, computer files or just an idea. If you have ever thought, “I wished I had a sign that said….” just call, email, or come visit our talented design team to make it a reality.View Our Sign Gallery