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  • Permanent 3M Long Line Tape

    We use 3M® Stamark Patterned Pavement Marking Series Tape for our inlayed tape projects. It is retroreflective patterned polymer and is used on n..

  • Permanent 3M Contrast Tape

    We use 3M® Stamark Contrast Pavement Marking Series Tape with non-reflective black borders. It is best suited for light colored asphalt or Portla..

  • Permanent Legends & Symbols

    Sunrise deals with many manufacturers for our Permanent Legends & Symbols. These markings are engineered for enhanced visibility, durability and f..

  • Preformed Thermoplastic Pavement Markings

    Preformed thermoplastic comes in a variety of sizes for straight line, legends or symbols. We carry the Flint Trading brand of preformed thermoplastic..

  • Snow Plowable Raised Pavement Markers

    We use Stimsonite® Snowplowable Markers. They are designed to improve plowability and increase reflector protection. They provide safe delineation..